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Does Receiving a Rule 8210 Letter Mean You are Under Investigation for FINRA Violations?
Bragança Law LLC

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a private, self-regulatory organization that regulates member brokerage firms and exchange markets. Just because you receive a Rule 8210 letter does not mean FINRA will charge you with violation of its rules or violation of securities laws. Nevertheless, the way you respond to a Rule 8210 letter can…

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What Laws Govern the Securities Industry?
Bragança Law LLC

We aggressively protect our client’s rights, whether they’re businesses, investors, financial professionals, or whistleblowers. The tools of our trade are federal and state laws that regulate the securities industry and protect those who may be abused by it. Other laws or legal doctrines may also apply to participants in the securities industry. They include state…

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How Unfair is FINRA Arbitration?
Bragança Law LLC

This January 25, 2022 Court decision shows how corrupt FINRA’s dispute resolution process is. We don’t see this kind of a decision often because FINRA arbitrations are conducted behind closed doors, by arbitrators selected through an opaque process, by arbitrators who have virtually unfettered authority to determine the law and facts to apply, and with…

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Celiza was a great help to me in the course of working to resolve my problem. She was very patient, explaining in detail what was happening and what would follow, doing it in a very professional and friendly...

Barbara M.

As an investor and fiduciary, I have worked with Lisa in several capacities over the last 15 years. Lisa’s diverse background from her tenure as an attorney for the SEC, and in private practice – working on...

Jason M.

Lisa is a strong and tireless advocate. She helped guide me through a complicated investor disclosure issue on a publicly-traded security. Her practical counsel on process--and avoiding unnecessary legal...

Lee B.

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